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Salam... being a Queen to my beloved King Zaimi, and a mother to two lovely princesses Sofea and Julia, and a charming prince Adam... I would never asked more than happiness to be around us till the end of the world... Insya Allah...

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Salam.. hmm... it's been a while (again) since my last entry and now is ramadhan. As usual I am busying my self with my tart biz.. but not as much as last year.. due to a few things.. one.. I didnt have a time to squeeze for baking tart samples.. because the renovation ended just a week before ramadhan.. second.. I gotta clean up and redeco the house.. third.. I was away for a week before ramadhan (exactly on the week we moved back into our house after the reno.. ) and fourth.. it is a challenge to fight between baking and Adam who is now getting wiser and more creative in his daily activities.. thus I just go with the flow.. mostly are my regular customers.. and last nite my bro ordered 20 hampers.. so I think that will be it.. since I start late.. I cant afford to commit too  much do I?

Anyway, alhamdulillah.. both princesses have their own will to 'puasa'.. with a little encourage from us.. they are still strong.. and this year.. we will be in KL for raya coz hubby will be on duty.. but I still choose a theme... and it will be 'red'.. have not sewn them yet tho...

Okay then.. I will post the pics of my masterpiece later.. till then..