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Friday, December 30, 2011


Hmmm... i guess i'm in writing mood..

Yesterday.. i watched the final episode of Tentang Dhia.. i didnt really follow the drama.. just on and off whenever i had a chance.. but i did watch a few episodes... and that was enough for me to get into the drama cast by Ady Putra as Zikir (not my fav actually.. *wink*), Nora Danish as Dhia, Ako Mustapha as Azmi, Izreen Azminda as Melly and Liza Abdullah as the wicked Mummy (huhu.. rasa nak ganyang jer mulut Mummy tu... hehehe).. all and all.. i love the ending... it's eternal love.. sehidup semati... at the end.. Dhia died of servic cancer which i believe started by the black magic Mummy used on her.. and after her last breath.. Zikir hugged her and he finally died of silent stroke next to her.. My fren said "ada tak org sanggup kena angin ahmar nak mati ngan saya?".. hahaha... but the best part of the drama.. that i love the most is when Zikir cries because Dhia wants him to marry Rose for Mummy's sake though Dhia has been through so much pain, griefs and sadness living with him.. he doesnt wanna hurt her anymore.. he doesnt want to marry Rose.. but Dhia insists and he finally agreed just to protect Dhia from being hurt by his wicked Mummy.. and i beginning to like Ady Putra..:)

Ombak Rindu.. one of my fav novel was on the movie... I was supposed to watch on the second day after it's premier show but has to withdraw for being in confinement after the lost.. Huhu.. Everybody has gone for the movie and i was left alone!! Hhhhuuuwwwaaa... but i finally watched it!!! (err.. illigally??)... Hmmm... it's frustrating because there's so much alteration from the novel... i think it would be better if the the movie was claimed as an adaptation of the novel with a different title.. no wonder the writer was upset with the movie as well.. Overall it was not bad tho i was frustrated with the casting.. hahhaha... personally.. i think Aaron is not that strong for Hariz coz Hariz has a very strong character in such he can just twist his character from being cold to warm and loving person and vice versa.. and Maya Karin is not that strong for Izzah as well.. i imagine of Rita Rudaini based on her cast in Rafflesia but couldnt find malay hero for Hariz's character.. hmm... i would go for Remy ishak but he's too dark for Hariz.. Opppsss... or Zamarul Hisham but still not handsome enough.. Oppss again.. or may be Ady Putra but too short.. uh-oh.. tripple oppsss... so there's still no hariz as a hero actually... huhu.. Lisa Surihani was not that bad tho i would imagine Almy Nadia.. there's no part of the movie that would make me fall in love with the movie... sorry Osman Ali.. u've failed me...

Princess Hours.. the 2007 korean drama that i have been longing to watch and finally completed the 24 episodes.. Shin Goon cast by Joo Ji Hoon really grabbed my heart to keep on watching with the happy go lucky Princess Shin Chae-Kyeong by Yoon Eun Hye.. there's a lot of scenes in the drama that i love.. just like the Full House by Rain and Song Hye-kyo.. I just love both dramas!!!! could watch them endlessly.. :D

Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 was premiered 24th November.. i persuaded my love one to watch it.. it's not that bad.. i love the wedding scene.. it is so wonderful... the garden wedding is just spectacular.. and one thing that surprised me... i'm beginning to like jacob in this movie... he looks so matured and just great.. but really.. i'll still go for Edward Cullen.. hahha... now i have to wait patiently for the last part to come next year... and i have reason for looking forward 2012 to come!!!


The year comes to the end with sweet memories, funs, sadness, griefs, anxiety, excitements and all emotions blended as one before saying good bye to 2011. Let see if I can summarize the whole year in this post...


Well.. the year started with a good news.. i was promoted after 12 years of waiting.. errr... should i say 9 years of waiting to be fair considering the 3 years of probation? Alhamdulillah... Praise to ALLAH... but the next day, i received a call with news that my Pak Lang passed away.. Al-Fatihah.. He was a good uncle.. at least to me.. regardless of what he has done in his life.. He've never hurt me in person.. I could still remember when I was 4, he never failed to buy me sweets whenever he came back home.. he lived in K.L back then.. he never got married and he died at the age of 50..

It was a challenge when my little princess refused to go to school.. took us almost a month to convince her.. Even until now, we haven't had any clue on the reason why she refused to school.. I was quite surprised it happened because she's kind of a strong girl in character.. she's not afraid of darkness.. she's blunt.. she has a kind of face that my friend call 'selamba'.. Finally we concluded that she was bored on the first month coz the teachers only did some revisions.. and that would strongly suit one of her character.. easily bored...


I lost my baby when he/she is only 5 weeks in my womb.. I started to bleed a day after i had my hcg test positive.. it happenned after solat subuh.. i really hoped that he/she could survive but he/she is just not meant to be with us.. could be because it was so hectic in the office.. but i know.. ALLAH knows better.. and i am redha..


I received a news that my beloved grandma fell while trying to get into the bathroom.. since then she couldnt get up nor walk.. but i believed that she lost her will for losing her beloved son earlier.. she didnt seem to be cheerish since her lost.. and i somehow feel bad coz i couldnt do much for her.. but i knew.. she'll smile with happiness when we came home to see her.. then i realized that nothing that she asked for other than an attention.. seems like she feels that everybody is trying to keep a distance from her.. and feels lonely.. she'll smile if you sit by her side.. keep her company..

And langkawi.. here we were again.. spending 4 days 3 nites at malibest resort.. it was good.. hubby got on the jetski for the first time.. oh i wish i could too.. but who's gonna take care of the kids?? hmm.. maybe next time.. it was an enjoyable vacation though despite of the flight delay on our way back.. we had fun!! i had my corelle.. tho didnt get my pyrex.. okay.. we'll be coming again next year langkawi!! oh.. it has been our annual vacation since... errr.. 2008?


It was my second lost after carrying him/her for about 11 weeks.. hubby was in Palembang for SEA Game at that time.. frankly.. we didnt expect to to have him/her so fast.. but there he/she was... i was so worried that it would happen again.. and then the tenth week.. i had my first spot.. i was quite depressed for being alone and anxious for the unknown.. hoping for a miracle to happen tho deep in my heart i knew what's gonna happen.. i just said my prayer day and night that the baby would have the will to survive.. but then again.. he/she was still not meant for us... ironically.. i was kind of comfortable being in the labor hall while waiting for the doctor..


Well the year saying it's goodbye kiss without any spectacular nor bad.. it just moves slow and relax.. waiting for another year to come.. may another year come with greater fortune..


Wednesday, May 4, 2011


May and June would always be birth-days of my life... My family and friends' birthdays loaded in these 2 months:

5 May   - My princess Julia
10 May - My sis Yati
17 May - My friend Nassiriah (hope I get the right date this time!!!)
20 May - My friend Jahang (hope you're getting better out of your amnesia)
21 May - My friend Ainul
27 May - My princess Sofea and my niece Aliyah
29 May - My friend Iwan (err... you're 'over-run' now as my hubby said..)
8 June   - My friend Ieta (oppss.. sorry tersilap earlier)
9 June   - My friend Bart ( ko pon samer jer macam Iwan... 'over-runned')
12 June - MYSELF and my so-called twin Adik (moga bertemu jodoh kome tahun ni yer...)
14 June - My prince Adam and my friend Tipah
16 June - My friend Ima
22 June - My friend Dali

So... if you think that birthday is all about gifts or presents... I''ll be broke by end of June for giving away presents to birthday boy/girl... *smile*... but birthday is not just all that... it is not when or where you celebrate them.. it is more on how you appreciate that you are a year mature than the last second of your previous age...

However, as for a child... birthday is all about celebrating, presents, cakes and candles... for the past few weeks my Julia starting to countdown her birthday which obviously tomorrow... last two weeks, I assisted her to draw a present for her homework.. I drew a box with fancy ribbon on top.. then she stopped me and said.. 'Mama, bukan lukis hadiah macam tu... Cikgu kata kena lukis hadiah yang kita dapat.. macam patung ke.. buku ke..'.. I looked at her... and said.. 'ok.. Julia nak lukis apa?'.. she innocently said..' mmmm... tak tahu la... Mama tak pernah pun bagi apa-apa birthday Julia'... I was speechless... her words told me what she sincerely feel... and I have to listen to her... it is not that we didnt celebrate her birthday.. we did... I always make sure my love ones have their own birthday cake to blow the candle and all... I bought them presents... sometimes on the day itself.. sometimes later... but Julia's words knocked me and make me realize that they didn't accept things you give them unwrapped as present... and I didnt bother to wrapped them nicely.. giving them unwrapped books or coloring set saying 'here is your birthday present' is not a present to them... it's just some things that you buy for them... so I promised myself that I will make sure she will get her first present from me and hubby on her 7th birthday tomorrow...

The most memorable birthday in my life so far was on my 5th and 22nd birthday... those two years were the only years I truly celebrate them... as a child and a grown up girl... and the best birthday present that I have ever received was on my 27th birthday.. which I'm stilll having it till now... wearing it almost everyday if I remember to wear it (err.. sometimes I forgot to put it on my wrist.. esp when I feel that I'm gaining weight... huhu..).. and I still dont have any desire to replace it with a new one because it's still as good as new....