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Salam... being a Queen to my beloved King Zaimi, and a mother to two lovely princesses Sofea and Julia, and a charming prince Adam... I would never asked more than happiness to be around us till the end of the world... Insya Allah...

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Wednesday, May 4, 2011


May and June would always be birth-days of my life... My family and friends' birthdays loaded in these 2 months:

5 May   - My princess Julia
10 May - My sis Yati
17 May - My friend Nassiriah (hope I get the right date this time!!!)
20 May - My friend Jahang (hope you're getting better out of your amnesia)
21 May - My friend Ainul
27 May - My princess Sofea and my niece Aliyah
29 May - My friend Iwan (err... you're 'over-run' now as my hubby said..)
8 June   - My friend Ieta (oppss.. sorry tersilap earlier)
9 June   - My friend Bart ( ko pon samer jer macam Iwan... 'over-runned')
12 June - MYSELF and my so-called twin Adik (moga bertemu jodoh kome tahun ni yer...)
14 June - My prince Adam and my friend Tipah
16 June - My friend Ima
22 June - My friend Dali

So... if you think that birthday is all about gifts or presents... I''ll be broke by end of June for giving away presents to birthday boy/girl... *smile*... but birthday is not just all that... it is not when or where you celebrate them.. it is more on how you appreciate that you are a year mature than the last second of your previous age...

However, as for a child... birthday is all about celebrating, presents, cakes and candles... for the past few weeks my Julia starting to countdown her birthday which obviously tomorrow... last two weeks, I assisted her to draw a present for her homework.. I drew a box with fancy ribbon on top.. then she stopped me and said.. 'Mama, bukan lukis hadiah macam tu... Cikgu kata kena lukis hadiah yang kita dapat.. macam patung ke.. buku ke..'.. I looked at her... and said.. 'ok.. Julia nak lukis apa?'.. she innocently said..' mmmm... tak tahu la... Mama tak pernah pun bagi apa-apa birthday Julia'... I was speechless... her words told me what she sincerely feel... and I have to listen to her... it is not that we didnt celebrate her birthday.. we did... I always make sure my love ones have their own birthday cake to blow the candle and all... I bought them presents... sometimes on the day itself.. sometimes later... but Julia's words knocked me and make me realize that they didn't accept things you give them unwrapped as present... and I didnt bother to wrapped them nicely.. giving them unwrapped books or coloring set saying 'here is your birthday present' is not a present to them... it's just some things that you buy for them... so I promised myself that I will make sure she will get her first present from me and hubby on her 7th birthday tomorrow...

The most memorable birthday in my life so far was on my 5th and 22nd birthday... those two years were the only years I truly celebrate them... as a child and a grown up girl... and the best birthday present that I have ever received was on my 27th birthday.. which I'm stilll having it till now... wearing it almost everyday if I remember to wear it (err.. sometimes I forgot to put it on my wrist.. esp when I feel that I'm gaining weight... huhu..).. and I still dont have any desire to replace it with a new one because it's still as good as new....