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Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Salam.. hmm... it's been a while (again) since my last entry and now is ramadhan. As usual I am busying my self with my tart biz.. but not as much as last year.. due to a few things.. one.. I didnt have a time to squeeze for baking tart samples.. because the renovation ended just a week before ramadhan.. second.. I gotta clean up and redeco the house.. third.. I was away for a week before ramadhan (exactly on the week we moved back into our house after the reno.. ) and fourth.. it is a challenge to fight between baking and Adam who is now getting wiser and more creative in his daily activities.. thus I just go with the flow.. mostly are my regular customers.. and last nite my bro ordered 20 hampers.. so I think that will be it.. since I start late.. I cant afford to commit too  much do I?

Anyway, alhamdulillah.. both princesses have their own will to 'puasa'.. with a little encourage from us.. they are still strong.. and this year.. we will be in KL for raya coz hubby will be on duty.. but I still choose a theme... and it will be 'red'.. have not sewn them yet tho...

Okay then.. I will post the pics of my masterpiece later.. till then..

Monday, May 3, 2010


Oh well... yup I'm done with the vampire series... great!! 4 books in straight 9 days... total up 2000++ pages... I'm glad it's over coz that means.. I have to take a peek on my overdue chores @ home!!  Personally, I love TWILLIGHT the most... BREAKING DAWN the next... then ECLIPSE.. and lastly NEW MOON... I am giving myself applause since I managed to go through 'almost' every single words in those books despite my curiosity and impatient to get to the end of the fourth book... and now i'm looking forward for ECLIPSE to be out in June....

Whoa... why am I so obsessed with these vampires?? Well.. I'm practically read any fiction books and will get excited with the story line.. Normally I love to read anything to do with those myth and mystical things... not really on horror... and of course any romance books... provided the story line could nail me into the pages.. and these Steph's books really got me nailed in every single pages of her books...

Things that I love about these books... well... other then amazed with Steph's imagination, I love the characters in the books... especially Edward Cullen (hehehe... could there be any other reason than this??)... being a heroic monster character I've fallen for his maturity (being a 109 years old vampire) in taking care of Bella.. the way he thinks, the way he protects Bella and the way he loves Bella... he's definitely Bella's soulmate to complement each other... I think the story is more like a fairy-tale in a vampire's world... So it is worth for Bella to choose Edward over Jacob. Jacob's character is more childish (being a 16 year old werewolf suit him) and his love is not strong enough for Bella to choose him..

I am not good in giving the overview... So... I'd like to share the synopsis in this entry...

Twilight Series

I got the synopsis from various sites of Steph's fan but unfortunately I forgot to save the link for credit... So credits will go to the unknown...


When Edward learned that a new student would be joining the Junior class at Forks High School he was not nearly as interested in her as the rest of the student body seemed to be. He assumed that she would be like all of the other humans.

However, when he first saw Isabella (Bella) Swan in the school cafeteria he was very intrigued by her because he could not read her mind. She was the exception to the rule.

After lunch Edward and Bella both had a Biology class. Edward was interested to discover if he could penetrate her mind in a closer, less crowded environment. However, when Bella walked by Edward's seat and he was able to smell her for the first time he nearly went mad with thirst. Bella's blood smelled more appetizing than any human he had ever come into contact with. Edward spent the entire Biology class trying to decide if he should kill her or not. He fought with himself because he did not want to do anything to make Carlisle feel ashamed of him. Edward later claimed that it was the longest hour of his life. But, he managed not to kill Bella and after driving his family home he drove straight to Alaska where the Denali coven lives.

After a week in Alaska, Edward decided to return to Forks to face his demons. Edward befriended Bella and became more intrigued with her the more they talked. Eventually Bella figured out what Edward was with some help from Jacob Black, a kid from the La Push reservation.

Bella decided that it didn't matter to her what Edward was, she loved him. Edward knew that he was falling in love with Bella too but he thought it would be better for her if she stayed away from him.

The turning point came one sunny day when Edward decided to show Bella why vampires can't be seen in public in the sunlight. He took Bella to a secluded meadow and showed her how his skin sparkles in the sunlight. He also showed her other vampire attributes such as strength and speed.

And then Edward and Bella declared their love for each other in the now famous quote:

Edward: "and so the lion fell in love with the lamb..."
Bella: "Stupid lamb."
Edward: "Sick, masochistic lion."

Edward and Bella's relationship was threatened when a new vampire coven passed through Forks. James, Victoria and Laurent were different from the Cullens, they were vampires who feasted on humans. When James caught a whiff of Bella he instantly wanted to hunt her. Edward crouched down to protect Bella, making James all the more intent on killing her.

Edward sent Bella to Phoenix and tried to take James down but he escaped from the Cullens and followed Bella. James nearly killed Bella but Edward got there in time to save her. When they discovered that James had bitten Bella, Edward had to suck the venom from her blood so that she would not be transformed into a vampire. This act could have killed Bella if Edward had lost control but he was successful and he saved Bella's life.

By the end of the book Bella desperately wants to become a vampire but Edward does not want to take her life away from her. The books ends with Edward and Bella stuck at this impasse, neither one willing to compromise.


Well… I’m not quite a fan of this part of the series… since I adored Edward Cullen too much compared to Jacob Black.. I loved the creative mind of Edward giving Bella a CD of his songs…. Songs that he composed.. It’s so sweet… Hahaha… anything about Edward Cullen will always be sweet and gorgeous and great!!! But leaving Bella without telling her the whole truth is the most unacceptable damage he ever done… unforgivable one… again.. love is so blind…. Leaving her just like that open up chances for Jacob to tend her heart.. to love her as he always wanted…

New Moon opened on the day of Bella's 18th birthday. She was not happy to turn 18 because she knew that Edward would forever be 17. At this point Edward was still opposed to making her a vampire because he strongly believed that vampires have lost their souls and he didn't want to take Bella's from her.

After the couple watched Romeo and Juliet together Edward confessed that he had contemplated suicide when he thought that James might have killed Bella. Bella was horrified but also curious to know how a vampire would kill himself. Edward explained that planned to go to Volterra, Italy and "provoke the Volturi".

Edward described the Volturi as three ancient vampires who are like a royal family. They are very protective of their city and would not hesitate to kill a vampire who tried to expose them. Alice later explains that the Volturi are commited to enforcing the vampire's only rule: to keep the secret.

After Bella made Edward promise that he would never do anything that stupid, the two of them went to the Cullen's house to celebrate Bella's birthday. While unwrapping presents, Bella got a paper cut and the smell of her blood caused Jasper to go into a frenzy and try to attack her. Edward jumped in between the two and knocked Bella into a table where she cut herself on broken glass.

All of the Cullens with the exception of Carlisle and Edward were forced to leave the room while Carlisle stitched Bella up. While Carlisle worked Edward berated himself for putting Bella in danger.

After Bella's nearly disatrous birthday party, Edward decided to leave Forks in order to protect her. He figured that Bella deserved to have a normal, mortal life and it was too risky for her to be around vampires all of the time.

In order to leave Edward was forced to tell Bella that he didn't want her anymore. Bella believed his lie because she never truly believed that she was good enough for Edward.

Of course, Edward still did love Bella and it hurt him to be away from her. He describes this time apart by saying, "Before you, my life was like a moonless night. Very dark, but there were stars -- points of light and reason... And then you shot across my sky like a meteor. Suddenly everything was on fire; there was brilliancy, there was beauty. When you were gone, when the meteor had fallen over the horizon, everything went black. Nothing had changed, but my eyes were blinded by the light. I couldn't see the stars anymore. And there was no more reason for anything"

Not much is known about the time Edward was away from Bella. He spent most of his time tracking Victoria, a vampire who helped James hunt Bella during the first book. This task led Edward to Texas and eventually to South America but Edward never found Victoria.

While Edward was in South America he received a phone call from his sister, Rosalie. She told him that Alice had "seen" (Alice has visions of the future) Bella jump from a cliff and die.

Edward had never planned to outlive Bella for long. Edward immediately took off for Volterra, Italy to ask the Volturi to kill him. The Volturi refused his request so Edward made plans to disrupt the peaceful town of Volterra by exposing himself as a vampire. It would be simple, all he had to do was step out into the sunshine (vampire's skin glitters in the sun) and the Volturi would kill him for betraying their secret.

Unknown to Edward, Bella (who had not died from cliff jumping) and Alice were racing the clock to reach Volterra and prove to Edward that Bella was still alive. Bella was able to reach Edward just in time. At first he thought he was already dead and in heaven with Bella. He quickly realized he was alive when he saw two members of the Volturi guard walking toward him.

The Volturi guard took Edward, Bella and Alice into their hideaway where they met with Aro, Marcus and Caius the three original Volturi. Aro was astounded to discover that Bella was immune to the gifts of vampires. He asked Edward, Alice and Bella if they were interested in joining the Volturi. When the trio refused Aro was prepared to let them go but Caius thought that Bella should be killed since she knew the vampires' secrets. Alice convinced Aro that she had seen Bella becoming a vampire in the future. So, the Volturi let them go with a promise that they would visit Bella and Edward soon to make sure Bella was no longer human.

After returning to Forks, Edward decided that he was too selfish to leave Bella again. He couldn't bear to be away from her. He also realized that his leaving hadn't exactly been good for Bella.

He was, however, still convinced that vampires had lost their souls so he refused to transform Bella. However, Bella took it to a vote with the entire Cullen family. Everyone with the exception of Edward and Rosalie voted that it would be best for Bella to become a vampire. Carlisle agreed to transform Bella after graduation. Edward was so angry about this decision that he ran into the living room and destroyed the Cullen's brand new flat screen TV.

At the end of the book Edward is still determined to get Bella to go to college, as a human. He tells her that he will give her the one thing she really wants, that he will transform her himself as long as she agrees to marry him first...


The story begins with the revelation that Seattle is being plagued by a string of unsolved murders, which Edward suspects are being caused by a new born vampire that is unable to control its thirst. Edward and Bella fill out college applications, while Bella explains to Edward her desire to see Jacob Black, her werewolf friend, again. Although Edward fears for her safety, Bella insists that Jacob and the rest of the werewolf pack would never harm her, and she begins to visit him once in a while. Meanwhile, Alice Cullen has a vision that Victoria, a vampire who is hunting Bella for revenge, is back in town. A few days later, Edward proposes to Bella and, despite having an aversion to marriage, she accepts.

Bella and the Cullens realize that the murders in Seattle are being committed by an “army” of newborn vampires, controlled by Victoria who wants to take revenge on Bella for killing her mate James (twilight). The Cullen family joins forces with the werewolf pack in order to combat this threat. As everyone else prepares for battle, Edward, Bella, and Jacob camp up in the mountains, hidden during the battle, where they are later joined by Seth Clearwater, a young member of the werewolf pack, to wait out the fight.

In the morning, Jacob overhears Edward and Bella discussing their engagement and becomes very upset. He threatens to join the fight and get himself killed. To stop him, Bella kisses Jacob and realizes that she is in love with him. Victoria tracks Edward’s scent to Bella, and Edward is forced to fight. After Victoria and her army are successfully destroyed, Bella explains to Jacob that while she loves him, her love for Edward is greater. After receiving a wedding invitation from Edward, Jacob runs away in his wolf form to escape the pain he feels, angry at Bella’s decision to become a vampire.


Breaking Dawn is split into three separate “books”, or parts. The first part details Bella’s marriage and honeymoon with Edward, which they spend on a private island off the coast of Brazil. Edward grants Bella’s wish and has sexual intercourse with her. Soon after, Bella realizes that she is pregnant. After contacting Carlisle, who confirms her pregnancy, she and Edward plan to return home. Edward, concerned for her well-being as the fetus develops with unnatural rapidity, urges her to get an abortion. However, Bella wants to keep the child and so contacts Rosalie for support, knowing that Rosalie has always wanted children.

The second part of the novel is written from Jacob’s point of view, and lasts throughout Bella’s pregnancy and childbirth. The pack of werewolves, not knowing what danger the unborn child may pose, make plans to destroy it, even though they must kill Bella to do so. Jacob vehemently disagrees with this decision and revolts, leaving the pack to form his own with Seth and Leah Clearwater. Bella soon gives birth, but the baby breaks many of her bones and she loses massive amounts of blood. In order to save her life, Edward changes her into a vampire. Jacob, who was present for the birth, immediately “imprints” — an involuntary response in which a werewolf finds his soul mate — on Edward and Bella’s newborn daughter, Renesmee.

The third section of Breaking Dawn shifts back to Bella’s perspective, finding her changed into a vampire and enjoying her new life and abilities. However, the vampire Irina misidentifies Renesmee as an “immortal child”, a child who has been turned into a vampire. The creation of “immortal children” was previously outlawed by the Volturi. After Irina presents her allegation to the Volturi, they plan to destroy Renesmee and the Cullens. In an attempt to save her, the Cullens gather vampires from around the world to stand as witnesses and prove to the Volturi that Renesmee is not an immortal child. Upon confronting the gathered Cullen allies and witnesses, the Volturi discover that they have been misinformed and immediately execute Irina for her mistake. However, they remain undecided on whether Renesmee should be viewed as a threat to the secret existence of vampires. At that time, Alice and Jasper, who had left prior to the confrontation, return with Nahuel, a 150-year-old vampire-human crossbreed like Renesmee. He demonstrates that the crossbreeds pose no threat, and the Volturi leave. Bella, Edward and Renesmee return to their home in peace.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


It's been a while since my last entry. Well I got emails by old friends discussing about my earlier entry today.. Then one of my friends ask for opinion about the matter.. quoting her question " the way we thinking, act and what we are a reflection of our hb & what you being rite now was contributed few % by your hb....agree tak? "..

Almost all of us voted for AGREED... in my opinion... love does have some weight that we as a human just could not imagine how much the weight really is.. sometimes we never ever realize how strong a 'love' could be in reflecting one's behaviour... it could be different comparing to 'taking for granted kinda love' such as our love to our parents... when you love someone.. you tend to obsess to whatever it takes that could make both of you happy or in some situations.. that would make your companion happy... then comes the 'cinta itu buta' terms in which is true... coz some people are just too ready giving up their soul n pride, and ready to sacrifice just about anything... so long they can be with the one they love.. where else... when it comes to parents or our siblings.. things just fall into places coz we know that we will never loose their love... in whatever situation.. our parents are always ready to take us back in their arms.. eventhough you have hurt them deeply inside that no one can ever forgive you but them... i think that's how the things happen...

Well... being obsessed with TWILIGHT.. finished with NEW MOON and starting on ECLIPSE.. somehow does influence my opinion on this matter tho... Stephenie Meyer must be very imaginative to produce these kinda books about love with no boundaries...

Love is not just a fairy tales that end up in happily ever after... there should be sacrifices involved... required most of your effort and energy to let them grow to what you want it to be... thus... as long as there is a love growing in you.. you will always be happy and content leading on your life no matter how your life turn out to be... not forgetting the most precious love to our CREATOR... ALLAH S.W.T.. the one love that promising you the greatest return...


Pelabuhan dilaut sepi..

Would like to share this entry... forwarded by Anne via email.. anonymous writer...

ISTERI saya tak pandai memasak, tak pandai bergaya dan yang paling saya marah, dia tak nak dengar saya cakap," kata seorang teman lama apabila ditanya mengapa dia curang dan mempunyai teman wanita baru.

Walaupun kata-katanya menimbulkan kemarahan di kalangan rakan-rakan lain, terutama yang mengenali isterinya yang begitu setia bersamanya ketika susah dan senang, kami biarkan saja kerana tiada guna bergaduh dengan orang yang sudah mabuk cinta.

Orang kata, apabila sudah jatuh cinta semuanya indah belaka. Tiada yang buruk dan tiada yang busuk. Begitu juga ketika dia bertemu dengan isterinya, kira-kira 20 tahun lalu sehingga mereka berkahwin selepas masing-masing tamat pengajian. Ketika itu wanita berkenaan sajalah yang bertakhta di hati, sehingga lautan api sanggup direnangi.

Rumah tangga mereka bertahan selama 15 tahun, tetapi kini hebat berantakan sejak kehadiran seorang pekerja baru yang cantik manis di pejabatnya. Bukan hendak mencari kesalahan sesiapa, jauh sekali menyalahkan wanita berkenaan yang baru hadir dalam hidup teman tadi kerana jika bertepuk sebelah tangan, tidak mungkin berbunyi.

Kisah kehadiran orang ketiga yang menjejaskan rumah tangga perkara lazim dalam masyarakat kita. Namun, yang menyedihkan apabila wanita juga yang sering dipersalahkan, terutama wanita yang digelar orang ketiga kerana dikatakan merampas suami orang, manakala isteri pula dikatakan tidak tahu menjaga suami dan membuka aib suami apabila bercerita kepada orang lain.

Insan yang selamat, tentunya si suami yang hanya dikatakan mangsa keadaan kerana jatuh cinta sekali lagi selepas dikecewakan dengan sikap isterinya yang dikatakan tidak bijak bergaya, berbau busuk sehingga memalukan dirinya. Itupun, biasanya hanya berlaku selepas bertahun-tahun hidup bersama isteri, anak sudah lima, enam orang, barulah tidak tahan dengan keburukan isteri.

Hakikatnya, lelaki akan mencari 1,001 kesalahan isteri apabila cinta sudah beralih arah. Lupa segala kenangan pahit manis ketika bersama dulu, malah ketika itu lupa segala keperitan dan pengorbanan isteri melahirkan cahaya mata, selain bersengkang mata menguruskan rumah tangga sendirian demi memberi ruang kepada suami untuk berehat.

Contohnya begitu banyak berlaku hari ini, tidak sekadar lelaki biasa yang tahap keimanannya ala-ala saja, bahkan lelaki yang kononnya boleh dijadikan role model, berceramah di sana-sini mengenai agama turut melakukan perkara yang menjengkelkan itu.
Lebih memualkan apabila menggunakan kuasa sebagai suami dengan mengisytiharkan kemarahan kerana isteri keluar rumah tanpa izin, kata-kata yang boleh disifatkan sebagai cubaan melindungi diri walaupun orang kata, sudah terang lagi bersuluh, kesalahannya.

Wanita mana yang tidak marah jika suami sudah lama tidak pulang menjenguk isteri dan anak-anak tanpa khabar berita dengan alasan terlalu sibuk, tetapi mempunyai masa pula untuk menonton wayang dan bersantai bersama teman wanita di tepian pantai.

Tidak pernah mengabaikan duit nafkah bukan alasan terbaik kerana sebagai seorang yang tahu hukum agama, pastinya insan seperti selebriti berkenaan tahu peranan seorang suami bukan sekadar menyediakan duit untuk perbelanjaan rumah, lebih-lebih lagi apabila sudah mempunyai anak.

Membesarkan anak bukan tugas isteri semata-mata, kerana sebagai khalifah dalam keluarga, suami juga perlu memainkan peranan penting bagi memastikan kehidupan si anak disuburkan dengan pendidikan rohani terbaik yang lazimnya, bapalah contoh dan penasihat terbaik.

Malangnya, ada lelaki (bukan semua) yang tidak menganggap peranan bapa sebagai tanggungjawab dan amanah yang begitu besar. Ada bapa yang enggan menjenguk anak daripada perkahwinan pertama, malah ingin melupakan langsung keluarga pertamanya kerana lebih memberikan tumpuan kepada isteri baru yang dikatakan lebih memahami dan bijak menguruskan rumah tangga berbanding isteri pertama dulu.

Bagi mereka, lelaki boleh melakukan apa saja kerana mereka lelaki. Namun, dalam kesibukan mengejar cinta, mereka lupa akan tanggungjawab yang sepatutnya lebih diutamakan, iaitu anak-anak.

Hari ini, kita lihat gejala sosial yang melanda remaja semakin menjadi-jadi. Kes rempit, bohsia, lepak, hamil luar nikah, berzina dan banyak lagi semuanya membabitkan remaja dan kajian menunjukkan kebanyakan golongan muda yang terbabit dalam kegiatan tidak bermoral itu datang daripada keluarga yang berantakan, ibu bapa bercerai atau bapa yang berpoligami.

Kemelut rumah tangga antara dugaan dalam melayari bahtera perkahwinan. Rumah tangga mana yang tidak mempunyai masalah, tetapi yang membezakan sesuatu pasangan itu dengan pasangan suami isteri lain ialah bagaimana mereka menghadapi dugaan hebat itu.

Ada pasangan, tidak kira si suami mahupun isteri, memilih untuk mencari jalan penyelesaian dengan lari daripada kemelut dihadapi dengan cara mudah, iaitu perceraian. Antara punca yang membawa kepada perceraian itu sudah tentunya mencari cinta baru yang diharap dapat mengisi kekosongan jiwa.

Tetapi, ada juga yang bijak dan berani berhadapan dengan masalah dihadapi serta cuba memperbetulkan keadaan bagi menyelamatkan rumah tangga dibina.

Nasihat seorang teman yang sudah berpuluh tahun mendirikan rumah tangga, saya titipkan di sini. Katanya, lima tahun pertama berkahwin adalah waktu untuk mengenali hati budi pasangan, termasuk menyesuaikan diri dengan keluarga mentua, manakala tempoh lima tahun berikutnya ialah waktu mencari keserasian dalam hidup bersama pasangan.

Bagi setiap lima tahun itu, setiap pasangan akan diduga hebat dengan pelbagai permasalahan dan jika kedua-duanya tidak cuba mencari keserasian serta tidak sanggup menerima kelebihan serta kekurangan pasangan masing-masing, maka hancurlah masa depan mereka.

Orang kata, perkahwinan itu umpama retak menanti belah. Perceraian boleh berlaku pada bila-bila masa, mungkin hari ini, esok mahupun 10 tahun akan datang bergantung kepada alasan yang akan menjadi punca kepada perceraian berkenaan.

Tetapi, jika mampu mengharungi 10 tahun pertama dalam pelayaran yang penuh ketidaktentuan itu dan berjaya mencari keserasian, insya-Allah perkahwinan akan berkekalan. Pilihan berada di tangan anda, jangan ikutkan hati yang panas, kelak sendiri yang menyesal kemudian hari.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


salam.. I was off work yesterday to attend my princesses first day of school 2010.. the elder in year 2 and the younger in kindergarten... since they are now in the new nursery, I have to monitor the bus pick them up at the nursery and school.. it happened that we (hubby n me) decided to change the nursery the last week of 2009 coz the pangasuh in the old nursery seem so careless in caring... the worst was.. adam fell of the fire staircase out of their supervision... they said his sisters was around (but not them)... #@*&$% why on earth did i pay them if i want his sisters to take care of him?? and this is not the first.. not to mention they asked sofea (who was only 7) to bath adam (who was about 16 months at that time).. and so we transfer them.. though the new nursery is almost 2 km from home as compared to the old one (walking distance = 2 blocks away)..

back to school... I send julia to her new school (5 years was in a school just in  front of the old nursery which was officially closed 20 nov 2009).. she looked happier and enjoyed with her new frens... alhamdulillah.. so i just left her there... it was quite tiring yesterday... 7.00 a.m send them to nursery and wait for the bus which turn up at 7.40 am... then went to sekolah agama to see everything's good for sofea.. then wait for julia at the kindergarten.. and the bus arrived at 8.40 a.m.. make sure julia was comfortable in school.. back home.. breakfast and then prepare for the 'inti tart'... 10.30a.m.. back to kindergarten to make sure julia on the bus again... then back to sekolah agama to see if the bus was there for sofea.. but unluckily the came at 11.31 (class end at 10.30 for sofea).. then got home and beat the tart batter.. 12.45.. off to sofea's primary school... seeing everything cool for her in class.. off to run some errands in sungai buloh + lunch.. home at 3 pm... started molding the tart (second order for jem in ptp.. one of my best frens in school )... 6.30pm... off to school again.. then pick jullia and adam at nursery... hhuuuaaa... passed my batton to hubby this morning....

but that will be the moment you won't forget... last week sofea keep on asking for her first words.. we told her she always pronounce 'malam' as 'bayam'.. 'air-cond' as 'air-ton'.. but when she asked about julia's first words.. both me and hubby sit back and realize that we didnt have that much memory about julia and her early days.. maybe because we had a maid back then.. so we missed that moment... we really feel sorry... and hope that we will never missed any of their first moment ever again...

to my daughters.. enjoy your school days...