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Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Akhirnya berjaya jugak menyiapkan seluar anak kak zu... sorry kak zu, I took such a looooong time nak siapkan... 4 pieces altogether... now starting hari raya project for my princesses, my prince, and my emak-dalam-undang2 (which is mother-in-law ---pinjam words shila... )

Wooopss!!! I think I still have 4 pieces kain ela yang tak berjahit lagi... including the one my sis gave last year.. which I suppose to wear on Hari Raya 2008 but I didn't even touch it... yet... so.. wish me luck with all the bajus la....

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


'kalau tak kerana....'
that's a phrase that I picked up this morning through SINAR FM with Krill, KE and of coz Abang Jem... and suddenly this old folk song ring to me...
Bangau oh bangau kenapa engkau kurus
Macam mana aku tak kurus ikan tidak timbul
Ikan oh ikan kenapa kau tidak timbul
Macam mana aku nak timbul rumput panjang sangat
Rumput oh rumput kenapa kau panjang sangat
Macam mana aku tak panjang kerbau tak makan aku
Kerbau oh kerbau kenapa tak makan rumput
Macam mana aku nak makan perut aku sakit
Perut oh perut kenapa engkau sakit
Macam mana aku tak sakit makan nasi mentah
Nasi oh nasi kenapa engkau mentah
Macam mana aku tak mentah kayu api basah
Kayu oh kayu kenapa engkau basah
Macam mana aku tak basah hujan timpa aku
Hujan oh hujan kenapa engkau turun
Macam mana aku tak turun katak panggil aku
Katak oh katak kenapa kau panggil hujan
Macam mana aku tak panggil ular nak makan aku
Ular oh ular kenapa nak makan katak
Macam mana aku tak makan memang makanan aku...
and so... bangau kurus kerana ikan ... ikan tak timbul kerana rumput .. rumput panjang kerana kerbau.. kerbau tak makan kerana perut.. perut sakit kerana nasi... nasi mentah kerana kayu... kayu basah kerana hujan... hujan turun kerana katak... katak panggil hujan kerana ular... and the king of the story is ULAR... kerana ULAR lah semuanya merana...
suddenly I am so impressed with this folk song.. how beautiful it is... it is a guidance by our ancestors for us to live our life... betapa manusia sering meletakkan kesalahan ke atas bahu orang lain.. menuding telunjuk sedangkan 4 jari lain sedia mengaku kesalahan sendiri... our ancestors did not send their children to kindergarten which cost you more than RM100 for you to gain knowledge.. not to mention kiddies that willingly charging you more than RM300 a month... but they leave you these folk songs as a guidance for you to live in harmony... having good faith with no cost...
moral of this song (purely my personal opinion):
  1. Manusia akan menyalahkan orang lain sebelum mengakui kesalahan sendiri (there's no mention of human character in the song.. all the blames are borne by Allah's creatures other than human)
  2. Manusia sanggup mencari punca kesilapan hingga ke akar umbi dan tak akan berputus asa selagi tiada jawapan (finally.. the ULAR la punca segalanya....)
  3. Berhati-hatilah dengan sikap manusia
  4. ...errr... tu je kot yang terpk....
so.. let us dig all the folk songs and find our path to happiness....

Monday, July 6, 2009

first day...

well... this is my second attempt creating a blog... the previous one last only for two months.. so I hope that this one will last longer if not forever.. hmmm.. one of the reasons I created a blog is to post my projects aka small business.. berkat ajaran my only sister.. I baked Pineapple Tart for my regular customer on hari raya.. (though penah rasa muak buat tart ni and in fact I stopped baking for a couple of years sebab my sis make me baked them all day long sampai tertidur tepi dough masa dia jual tart back in 1992.. poor me)...

but now I have to thank her that dah boleh buat side income... thanks to my regular customer.. in fact ada yang dah order for this coming raya though puasa pun tak sampai lagi!!

on top of that... I do some sewing... my own baju and for my children.. and some of my frenz.. some creative works like hantaran for my bro and bro in law.. I love doing it!!

ni buat for my brother's engagement.. I want it to be potpuri dok kat keliling cincin tunang tu.. but terpaksa akur when my grandma wanted it in traditional way... bunga rampai... in fact my family bawak daun pandan serumpun dari Johor... apa nak buat.. keliling rumah semua simen... and I baked that kek asam manis...

this one I made for my bro in law's engagement.. my mother in law wanted d theme to be purple... and I love it!! Purple!! masa ni first time try buat bunga dip... alhamdulillah menjadi...
so... bloggers... hope you will enjoy my blog as I enjoy my life... doing what I love to do...